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Offering a Range of Psychic Services, Including Tarot, Astrology, and Palm Readings

I founded Psychic Readings in order to provide my clients with superb, attentive readings. I look forward to delving into your mental and emotional needs.

Psychic Readings

A complete reading session involves the combination of tarot and crystal readings. During this session, I will discuss your past, present, and future, touching on subjects, such as your marriage, your business ventures, and much more. Sessions vary in length depending on your needs. I offer individual readings and readings for groups, but I only read group members one at a time. Your reading is based on your energy and must not be interrupted. Drop by for a live reading, or participate in a phone session. Phone sessions start at $50 and are available based solely on my appointment schedule.

Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Readings

During your tarot card reading, I will use a layered 18-card spread to read your past, present, and future. I will address all areas of your life in this deep, emotional reading. This may include matters related to love, relationships, marriage, and your family, in addition to other subjects.

Palm Readings

During this reading, I will review your love, life, and heart lines on both palms. By examining both hands, I will be able to gain extraordinary insight into your life.

Palm Reading Graph

Astrological Chart

Astrology Readings

Focusing on your sign and energy, I'll explore the day, month, and year of your birth. This aids in determining your compatibility with others and addresses how you should go about establishing friendships and romantic relationships.

Crystal Energy Readings

This reading involves the use of small crystals. You merely hold the crystal, and I will detect the vibrations being fed through it in order to examine your life. This type of reading is typically performed in conjunction with the use of tarot cards.

Crystal Pendants

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